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" ... I was ready to give up if I didn't pass this time..."

"Thank you for encouraging me! 

...I'm a different person."

CSB, MD, 2023


Dr. Rowland and faculty team;

"...You were all amazing in the VIRTUAL examination.  It was so real and now I know how to practice.  

My study buddies and I are planning to stay connected and focus on the topics weekly until DECEMBER..." 

"We all passed...amazing...we all passed...thank you so much... I will keep working on my sleep deprivation too."

 CB, MD 2020

" you know, my team was hit hard by the pandemic and I didn't have much time to study or sleep. I'm glad I listened to you and had my parents stay with my children. I would like to thank you and your team for ZOOM meeting on weekends and evenings.  I just finished exams this week and felt so much better prepared than EVER before.  I don't have my results - but will text as soon as I know. Now I'm going to hug my boys and sleep...."  THANK YOU 

KK, MD 2022


Dr. Rowland;

I passed!!  Many thanks to you and your faculty for a wonderful program.  I will never forget how caring everyone was. 

Great course!


Dr. Rowland;

I wanted to touch base and let you know my progress.  I am on the Tenure Track with research focus on predictors of treatment response in breast cancer with special emphasis on genomic disparities in minority undeserved populations.  The certification training program not only helped me on my exams, I think of your words often and use that in my daily interactions with patients and in my leadership roles.  As a minority physician, perception management and communication are of vital importance and I am so thankful I attended your course.  I appreciate your service to physicians through the Rowland Academic House...

SP, MD, FACS 2022

Hello Dr. Rowland:


I wanted to let you know I passed :) I don't think I would have, without your help. Thank you for everything. It feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulder. 

The material you taught was spot on.

Thank You Again,




Dr. Rowland,

Thank you very much for putting together a course that was instrumental in passing the General Surgery BOARDS. Not only was the course very helpful, but it allowed me to make connections that were instrumental in preparing to retake the exam. 

I will make sure to promote your course to everyone. Again, thank you, and please thank all those individuals whom graciously volunteered their time to help me succeed.

Lastly, I would be very interested in contributing to the education of others who will be taking the course in the future; if you need any faculty please keep me in mind."



Board certified general surgeon!!!! 

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